Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gilmore Drops Out

Here's the first of the news and links updates I'll be doing on a semi-regular basis (roughly twice a week).

Jim Gilmore Drops Out

I think the best way to sum this up is to quote

It is funny that we give this candidate more attention when he drops out than at any point in his presidential campaign.
Do check out that site, as well. It's a very comprehensive collection of polls.

Check this out - Full Quarter 2 Fundraising Reports

Google Public Policy (that's Google's Blog) post on Ron Paul's Visit

Clinton and Edwards wish to limit democratic debates to... well... themselves.

Ron Paul Nation TV!

Ed Failor Jr. Leaves McCain Campaign

The same guy who said Ron Paul was not a 'credible' candidate (while at the same time working for John McCain), announced on Thursday he will be leaving McCain's campaign, shortly after it was revealed that John McCain actually has less cash-on-hand than Dr. Paul. Also on Thursday, one of McCain's campaign co-chairmen in Florida was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. With his staffers jumping ship (and some being blamed and asked to leave), McCain says he will focus more on a grassroots campaign. It is interesting how, while most candidates outside of the top tier hope to use a grassroots campaign as a stepping stone to a more broad-based national campaign, McCain seems to be going in the other direction, from a broad, expensive national campaign to a grassroots one. He sure can't keep spending money the way he has - there are rumors that he still hasn't paid back his debts from the first quarter, and that he may in fact have significantly less than a million cash-on-hand net.

Here's Another Good Site:

Mike Huckabee raises $764,000

3/8 of his donations came from Arkansas. Over half came from Arkansas and Texas combined.

Just to recap, Sam Brownback raised roughly 1.425 million this quarter, but spent several hundred thousand more than he raised (he had just over 800,000 in the bank after quarter 1), and now has less than half a million in cash-on-hand.

Jim Gilmore apparently had good reason to drop out. He raised under 200,000 this quarter, and had only about 60 thousand cash-on-hand at the end of the quarter.

Tommy Thompson raised just under half a million, but spent a little more than a half a million, and has only about 121 thousand cash-on-hand after quarter 2. Unfortunately for him, he owes about 127 thousand, so he's in the red.

John Cox actually raised about 4 thousand more than Jim Gilmore, and has the same amount of cash on hand.

Ron Paul raised just under 2.4 million this quarter, after raising just under 520,000 in quarter 1, and only spent about 540,000 in quarter 2, leaving him with about 2.35 million cash-on hand.


DR_EVL said...

wow... Ed Failor... his services aren't cheap apparently... the problem with McCain and grass roots is that it's not going to happen. 1) He doesn't have the energy. 2) His only grassroots are the media... and that takes money... that he doesn't have...

DR_EVL said...

I did appreciate the google time with Paul very much... Unlike many candidates, you see a theology, direction, and big ideas resolving the question of the ideal, not the man or any party affiliation.

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