Monday, July 16, 2007

A responce to 'We Don't Need No Education' Part1

Good perspective Acid Brain... that was a post that stirred many ideas that I have needed to conceptualize. I thought it would be good to add more focused or additional direction.

There are 3 sides of this story...
Entry 1
Because this is such a huge topic I might just make this a 3 part series blog. For now...1) An accepted system that forces middle to lower class into a choiceless form of education. This is fine if your local schools are of high quality. However, if you are not blessed with great schools, you are in quite a pickle if you are of middle or lower class... Your paid taxes are paying for the public education. If you were not happy with your situation, you still would have to pay for both the funding of public education AND the tuition of the non-public education. Why is there so much fight against the voucher system? That is alot of money taken out from the state. There is alot that would be exposing the school system when parents are not funneled into a system with no checks or balances, where the priority is about the job security of the system, and where the entire state is under a single curriculum, but homogenized to the lowest denomenator... Many opponents of choice say the poorer states or even the richest of states just need more money applied to each system. Why are private schools having much less of a budget than the average public school? Why are private teachers paid 75-80% less than public teachers, yet private schooling is the envy of all parents? Public schooling has progressed only by the universal decisions made by people whose jobs is control... Private schooling is an acceptedly much better option because it has been put through trial,error and competition. Those schools that were not of good quality, failed. Those that actively on a yearly basis, anylize everything like a business, are out to put out the best product possible. Bye the nature of competition, the educated are the real winners by deciding which is the best for their money.
It is funny how the current public education system w/o the voucher system was setup to provide the same education for the poorer as the richer. Once again a misintended screwing of the people they were trying to help, the richer can opt out for a choosen more advanced education while the poorer (because they can't afford to subsidize education and pay for privatized education) are forced financially into a education and are at the mercy of the state. Dependence is not a leg up... It is a deprivaty. The only way the poorer can break out of financial shackles is to learn to make more prudent decisions.
Wow... this is just scratching the surface. I got 2 more points to make... one will be a further account of a recovering typical example of our school system's failure.... me. The other point will be assimilated into my entry called The War of the Individual vs. the Collective.


Your brain on acid said...

Yes, this issue is monumental in the size of its problems. In my opinion it's the biggest issue facing the nation today, but people seem to put it on the back burner, because hell, who needs intelligence anyways?

DR_EVL said...

it is fustrating to see people disregard the 3 things that soley give the byproduct of success... Intelligence as you said, the ability analyze your environment, and the drive to overcome fear to do what is neccisary to acheive life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness...

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