Monday, June 25, 2007

'08 depends on the entire Middle East

Classic Republican victory in 2008 really has nothing to do with our domestic issues, and entirely with the Middle East. With our cozy homes and nice cars, we seemingly have little to worry about domestically, sure there are a few things that need to be taken care of, but on a large scale that is rubbish in the minds of most Americans. With all our comforts, Middle Eastern intervention seems justifiable to many folks, mainstream Democrat and Republican alike. The only way our current policies can be rocked is if our thinking is changed, by way of foreign influence.

Israel's recent return of withheld money from the former Palestinian regime heavily influenced by Hamas has brought life to a possible peaceful solution in the region. While this may be wishful thinking, we are seeing a large amount of peaceful intervention and proposals from both sides of the situation. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with our elections? Well, simply, it allows for our mainstream ideas to be changed, along with Iraq's situation. By not taking the lead role in the Israel/ Palestine proceedings, we are seeing how our constant intervention is not healthy for the nation. Of course, Israel's situation won't win Paul the election, but along with other foreign issues, it can be used to support his ideas.

If Iraq continues down the path that it is on, which it most likely will, both sides that are preaching continued presence there by either a phased withdrawal or a "stay till the job is done" philosophy, can be picked apart for their interventionist policies. Iran is the key to how well Paul can use the anti-interventionism to his advantage. If we are able to stay out of Iran's issues, it will show how well his proposed policy will work. A society that has often shown democratic tendencies is on its way to regaining the democracy it had before we intervened earlier this century. A peaceful resolution (and non-interventionist) to current tensions will give Paul a more justified platform from which to campaign on. It will also allow for the furthering of Iranian freedoms, and if Israel's situation is remedied, it will allow for a more self sustaining Middle East.

This is one of those cases where less equates to more, and Americans need to wake up and realize it.

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