Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ed Failor: NTU Boardmember

NOTICE: Some of the information contained herewithin is now out of date - the Iowa Christian Alliance has re-added Ron Paul's name to their list of Presidential Candidates. I will attempt to get a cached link to the last day or two when his name was absent. Score one for the blogs.

Between some sleuthing on my own part and some assistance via RonPaulForums, I've found out some interesting things about Ed Failor, chairman of the Iowans for Tax Relief.

The most interesting of these is that Failor is, in fact, on the board of directors of the National Taxpayers Union, a very pro-Paul group. In fact, Dr. Paul was one of the opening speakers at the National Taxpayers Union just one week ago. Plus, Paul has been rated a 'Taxpayers' Friend' every year by the National Taxpayers Union. And even more amazingly, the Iowans for Tax Relief co-organized the event. And in the straw poll at the event, Paul came in second to only Fred Thompson.

Considering these facts, it is almost unimaginable that Failor would consider Paul to be an insignificant candidate with no 'credibility', when his organization helped run an even where Paul was one of the featured speakers, and where Paul showed extremely well in a straw poll.

So we know that Failor's claim that Paul lacks 'credibility' is bull.

And we know, through very recent scheduling changes announced by the ITR, that his claim that the lineup was set months in advance is bull as well.

And if that's not enough...

The Iowa Christian Alliance, co-sponsor of the forum, have removed Paul's name from the list of candidates, which includes every other Republican and Democratic candidate, even those who have not participated in any of the nationally televised debates, unlike Paul (thanks to Students for Paul for coming up with these links)

Cached list of candidates from June 9

List of candidates today

Pedrique at RonPaulForums sent the NTU's deputy press secretary Sam Batkins an email, and recieved the following response:

As you may know, Ron Paul is a very good friend of NTU's. In our
annual Rating of Congress, he has won our Taxpayers Best Friend Award
several times and has been a winner of our Taxpayers Friend Award
every year he's been in Congress. He was also a featured speaker at
our National Taxpayers Conference this past weekend. He came in 2nd
place in the straw poll we conducted at our Conference. One of our
best working relationships with a Member of Congress is with
Representative Paul and his staff.

Iowans for Tax Relief is also a very good friend of NTU's. This is
an ITR forum, and as such, the decisions on who to include (or not)
were ITR's and not ours. When we found out about their decision to
exclude Dr. Paul, we offered them our views on the matter (as many
others did, apparently). It's my understanding that ITR's decision
was made based on Mr. Paul's position in the polls, but I am not 100% positive.

Since this forum is being conducted by ITR, all I can suggest is that
you also contact them and express your views directly. Perhaps they
will also be able to clarify your questions.

Now, I won't post contact information for the NTU here (it's posted on both RonPaulForums and the Facebook group forums and, obviously, the NTU's website itself), but if you do choose to contact the NTU, remember, this is a group that is largely on Ron Paul's side. So, be considerate, be brief, be polite, and remember that these are the good guys and, ultimately, they have no real power over the ITR.


John Campbell said...

Apparently the Iowa Christian Alliance has added Dr. Paul back to their list of candidate.

The blogosphere rocks!

Warhawk (Chris Bates) said...

Thanks John, I added a notice to the post to point that out.

Marshall Dunn said...

Can someone provide a link shows he's back on their list?

And does this mean he will be indeed invited to the event?

Anonymous said...

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