Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another reason why everybody should hate the income tax…

I am not going to write about the history of the income tax. The "who" and "why" and the history are very interesting, but should be written by those who spend their internet time actually researching stuff. Anyway, the only thing that is historically important for this piece is that the income tax was put in place to help pave the way for government intervention into our society.
The primer for income tax was at first a social economic interventionist need. Situations in the earlier 20th century arose that had people looking for solutions for the economic woes of the US and its citizens… Now before you click somewhere else because A) you’ve worn the “welfare state is the downfall of the US” shirt out; or B) that you click somewhere else because you’re tired of “typical” conservative irrationality, let me cover my point. As the popularity of government intervention and, yes, the populace wanting to further the expansion of the federal government, income taxes along with product taxes went even further to manipulate our economy, our social interaction, and our moral interaction anything short of our civil rights (no, not having to do with race relations, but with the rights nationally accepted for the individual in the Constitution). Now, of course even more so of late, many would say even those civil rights are taking a path of being voided.
All other product taxes don’t necessarily affect our lives. You may not smoke, drink or partake in international discourse or care of those taxes. However the income tax currently does affect everyone whether it is according to their ability or according to their need regardless. If you are paying income taxes you are funding all the programs that are delegated by the federal government, whether you like them or not. A paying liberal or Democrat has to accept the fact that he/she is financially supporting a counter productive conservative or Republican solution and vise versa… A middle class family trying to make it will be in fact, to whatever extent, be expected to support a family richer/poorer than one’s self.
If you remove the income tax, it forces the federal government to revert itself to the regressive role it once held. The federal government works well when supporting the nation’s sovereignty because it deals with the nation. The more local its demands are, the less efficient it processes a solution.
Now there are currently 3 ways to consider life without income tax. A non- progressive flat tax (which I believe is more fair than the progressive tax system, but has a paralleled difficult for financial security), sales tax replacement such as the FAIRTAX (even more fair and the easiest of the full tax collect for the poor to move up in) or simply moving on with our lives without the federal government interfering at all with our lives. Imagine that? The demands of the state are more important, yet more capable to handle particular situations as they arise!
As logical deduction directs my message, I hope to make my next blog entry titled “The individual vs. The Collective” because when considering not having a income tax, you get issues with the US’s fascination and desire to be a socialist society, which by the way WE ARE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY for better or worse.

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Marshall Dunn said...

A national sales tax not only makes sense for us at citizens but for the government.

American federal spending is way out of control and making profits for the bankers of this country off our labor.

This country will be better off when the government has less on its plate and receives a higher approval rate and individuals can determine how much they can save for things such as "social security" or going to school.

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