Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So, a 'Welcome' is in order...

Hey, I'm Warhawk. You might know me as the administrator of Football Refuge. In fact, you're probably a poster there. How do I know that? Because I just started this blog, and that's the only place on the big old internet that knows about this place.

We'll definitely have to change that. In any case, if you happen to be from someplace other than the aforementioned meassage board (which is quite the happening little website, if I may say so myself), welcome. Hang around a bit. We have a very nice color scheme. Not much else yet though, but that will change soon as well.

Anyway, a little bit about the purpose of this blog. Myself (and hopefully my loyal subj... er, I mean co-authors) are (for the most part anyway) some combination of libertarian, conservative, and constitutionalist. We might even get a liberal-leaning libertarian or two, but they're weird... I mean, special.

So, to put that into more context, each author here supports at least many, if not all, of the following...
-The free market and free trade, and the capitalist tradition of the US, along with the fight against socialist policy.
-A non-interventionist (but not isolationist) foreign policy, avoiding alliances and trade with all countries.
-A small federal government, less government spending, lower taxes, and reduction of the national debt.
-A secure border and tough immigration laws.
-Local and State control of things like education, drug laws, and issues such as gay marriage and abortion.
-A strong national defense
-And most importantly, adherence to the principles laid out by the US Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, and most notably the first and second amendments.

And we oppose at least many, if not all, of the following...
-Corruption in the government - in politicians, offices, and departments.
-Pork spending in congress.
-Socialist and Communist economic policies.
-The Federal Income Tax.
-Welfare and all entitlement systems.
-Military adventurism and the belief that the US must be the world's police force.
-UN restrictions of American interests, especially economic interests.

It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that I support Dr. Ron Paul in the 2008 Election, as do several of the others who are planning to contribute here. More on that later.

I hope that you enjoy our blog, whether you agree with our principles or not. While we're serious with our beliefs, I myself like to add a little humor here and there, so don't expect a dull, bland, boring kind of blog. And, of course, if you like what you see (or even if you don't like what you see, and vehemently disagree with it), please spread the word, link to us, and tell your friends.

Now, to leave you with a little Milton Friedman.


VF said...

Hope all goes well. I actually learned of this from your post at chff. I'll tune in as long as it stays interesting and topical.

DR_EVL said...

I have no idea what a blog is, or how to participate, but hey I think I fit most of the practicing criteria here...

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